Friday, April 01, 2005

Siggy Freud must be turning in his grave

I received an SMS. My phone chittered and I read the message. It was from Barangay Official and the message read: Sorry. Tagal na e. Who's this please?

Hmm.. I dont remember saving any number of said Barangay Official in my phone and I dont remember sending any message to same Barangay Official. The message apparently was a reply to a message sent from my phone. I thought maybe my daughter sent it.

Phone chittered again. Same Barangay Official and the message read: Wally? Andito na baby. Bayad. Ur half.

Or something like that, I dont remember. It was all a dream, of course. Two messages from a Barangay Official. Let's try to parse them and see whether or not my subsconscious it trying to tell me something.

Barangay Official. Obviously this denotes authority. Barangay is my immediate vicinity. But it isnt as awesome an authority as, shall we say, The President. It is someone with authority but isnt someone Im particularly scared of, or care about.

Sorry. Tagal na e. It seems that I havent been in touch with this Barangay Official for so long that he has already forgotten who I am.

Barangay Official can't be God. Ive dreamt of God before and I remember being awe-struck and nervous. Nothing of the sort for good ole Barangay Official. It's obviously somebody that I recognize as someone with sme sort of authority over me, but is not one who has a life-or-death control over my life.

Maybe the Barangay Official is my subconscious. It fits. It's someone with some sort of authority over me but I pay it no mind. Maybe it recognizes that Im at my wits' end trying to figure things out using my conscious self. The message got to him and he decided to reach out and reply. Tagal na e. Who's this please?

Wally. Who's Wally? And why did my subconscious call me Wally? Wall-y? Wall? Wally as a nickname for Wall? Let's look at this.

Wall. Yeah, Ive been accused of being standoffish. Of being detached. Of being a stone wall. I admit I dont easily wear my emotions on my sleeve to the utter frustration of those I care about and those who (ostensibly at least) care about me. I try to keep a certain intellectual distance, not reading anything to what is said or offered to me, taking things at face value, ignoring proddings from hunches or hints from, I think, my subconscious. Logic and reason would overrule the Barangay Official. Wally for wall. That fits, too.

Andito na baby. This one had me perplexed. Andito na baby? An actual baby did arrive a long time ago and I know that. I dont need to be reminded of it. So maybe the baby is a symbolic baby. My subconscious is telling me something has arrived. Something... this one's a toughie. Maybe it's an idea, or a plan, Ive been mulling over. Something embryonic and can't stand on its legs yet. And I have a pretty good idea of what that is. Andito na baby could mean my subconsciuos is telling me that it has reached him. And he'll be working on it. I have been stuck with that idea/plan and have not been able to go forward with it. Mental block. My subconscious is telling me he's taking care of it, but I have to keep in touch.

Bayad. Is he asking me to pay? This might mean the idea would cost something. Dreams and plans do cost something. My subconscious is telling me that Im not getting this one for free. It'll come at a price.

Ur half. This could mean my half of the payment is due. But who owes the other half? The only people I have is my family. My kids, specifically. Are they supposed to pay the other half? Somehow the idea that my kids have to shell out something is pretty scary. Maybe there's some way that I could cover the entire cost of it without having to have them pay the other half. We'll see. Right now the Barangay Official doesnt seem to think so. But what does he know?

Now wasnt that fun? Probably means diddly-squat, but fun.

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grifter said...

Let's break this down ...
1) Barangay Official = Barangay Captain a.k.a. your slick willy
2) Wally = your pet name for your slick willy. Slick Wally.
3) andito na baby = the hooker you ordered for is here.
4) Bayad = billing time. money upfront.
5) Ur Half = sounds like a menage a trois to me.