Saturday, April 09, 2005

And now for a bit of sentimental drivel

Titans (a.k.a. Where the hell does this stuff come from?)

Fear not, goddess. Youre safe with me. Youre safe from me. Youre my self-fulfilling prophecy. Youre what Ive turned you into. Ive turned you into my Unattainable. Someone whom I'll forever be singing my song for; someone who will never hear my song. My song is my life, and at the end of it, as I end it, as the chorus fades, know that there is, there was, there will never be anyone else that I would rather create a world with.

When the world we made ended, I pretended that there are other worlds I could create without you. And I did. For amusement, I conjured worlds from nothing. They were lifeless. Empty. Without form and void. Nothing could take root in their barren soils. I made them from nothing and to nothing they shall go. Unlamented.

The world we made is gone forever, and it is for the best. For it was nourished with our blood, and our tears. Our wounds made the rain fall, our bruises made the flowers bloom. Our anguished cries made the sun rise, our laments made the rivers flow. Our laughter, brief and fleeting in between the tears, filled the world with music and rhyme. But it was the pain that sustained it. Every cut, every stripe, every laceration rent on our flesh made the creatures in them live. I cannot, I will not, create such a world again if it means your torment.

My goddess, my unattainable creation. Would that we could have created a world where we were free. Would that we didnt have to answer to the Olympian. Then our world would have endured. Then we wouldnt have had to destroy it.


Time Bandit said...

lala lalal lalala lalala lalal lala lalalal... TEEN TATAHNS!

Jego said...

That's what I thought, too. If only grifter would mail that Kubert School application, then we'll see where this'll take us. Nyaahahahaa!!

grifter said...

What the fuck are you drunk retards talking about?

Jego said...

We're talkin about you, you drunken would-be comicbook slacker/artist. Nyahahahaa!!

grifter said...

drunk is right ... i would be hitting the bottle until someone convinces me that the "moment" is right, to start following my muse.