Friday, April 29, 2005

Look to the ant, thou sluggard

In what could probably be the only instance of child labor outside the human race, I watched weaver ants build a nest in one of the citrus trees in our backyard. What they do is, some weaver ants pull together leaves, while other weaver ants carry larvae in their mandibles--their babies--and squeeze them. A sticky fluid comes out of the larvae and glues the leaves together; living glue guns. Facinating stuff. Nature is weird and wonderful.

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Zeppellina said...

Hi there,
Thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my site, it was really nice!
You have a really good site..loved the story about the ants.
Once, when I was in Greece, I watched a lone ant searching around on the ground at my feet. I put a tiny pice of melon on the ground for it to find, and then something truly amazing happened. From a small hole at the base of a wall a good distance away, came a long single file column of ants, straight to the piece of melon being disassembled by the lone ant.A return column was formed, as they all carried bits of melon back to the hole in the wall.
How did they Know? I`m sure that it`s probably that they give off chemical signals to each other..but at that Distance?!!
I prefer to think that there is something a lot deeper going on that we, as yet, do not understand.
Thanks again, Stay in touch!