Saturday, April 16, 2005

Hello we're back and we're taking calls. Now what was the question?

Speaking of mp3's, Frou Frou is getting a lot of airtime on my work area these days. Ive always liked electronica, but they always seemed so... detached, unfeeling. Which is sort of its appeal, really. It's the high-tech instrumentation I suppose. It gives you a mass-produced, assembly line feel to them. You cant help but think that the singers too are mass-produced, unfeeling androids. That's how Madonna came across in her recent ventures into electronica.

And then there's Frou Frou.

I saw the video of Breathe In, and I usually dont like videos (I think MTV Pilipinas is a total waste of electricity and dont get me started on Myx.) but the song had me hooked. It's probably Imogene Heap's singing that allows their songs to have that warmth that you wouldnt associate with electronic music. The songs in their album Details are about falling in love, falling out of love, being unable to get over love, moving on, letting go, and Heap makes you feel them. In fact, this album just happens to be electronica. The songs wouldve worked with guitar and piano. In The Dumbing Down of Love, she sings

Music is worthless unless it can
Make a complete stranger
Break down and cry

It didnt quite make me cry, but Frou Frou did make me feel.

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grifter said...

The way Jacko said ... "the way you make me feel ..." ?