Thursday, April 28, 2005

Ride a painted pony, let the spinning wheel spin

I decided to open an email from my spam folder and this one said it'll give me a free sample Karma reading. Well why not? Im suffering from a kind of mental constipation anyway, so maybe some sort of distraction might help loosen up my synapses and get me back to on the road to mental diarrhea So I entered personal information, said no to the offered subscriptions, and clicked to this:

Chapter 1: Nodes of the Moon (Your Karmic Doorways)

North Node of the Moon in Leo

In prior lives, Jeg, you promoted social reform and brotherhood, often at the expense of close personal relationships. Creativity was repressed in favor of work for the common good.

Your past live's [sic] goals were based on bettering the human condition, yet you remained so detached from real people that the goal became an intellectual exercise.

You have possibly spent past lives as a revolutionary, social worker, academic, or even a hermit.

You still take pride in being different from other people, Jeg, and often will maintain your individuality at all costs.

Hmmmm... Pride, eh? I dont know about that. And not at all costs perhaps. Sometimes losing your individuality is such a relief.


grifter said...

Past lives? Arent you already a revolutionary, a rebel, a maintain-my-individuality-at-all-costs kinda guy?

This means in all your lives you will end up doing the same thing. nyhahahaha!

Jego said...

Means Ive been a bad revolutionary, rebel, maintain-my-individuality-at-all-costs kinda guy, that's why Im destined to keep repeating the same life over and over again. Nyaahaahahaha!!