Wednesday, March 30, 2005

That's the flap, Jack

For fluffier pancakes, follow the package directions but separate the eggwhites from the yolk. Beat the eggwhites until really, really frothy... until they form curly, white peaks when you lift your fork or whisk, or egg beater from the bowl youve been beating the eggwhites in. Then fold the eggwhites in with the rest of the batter. I said fold. Make sure you incorporate as much air into the batter as you can.

Oh, and the package directions in the brand I bought (White King) calls for only one egg for every 250 grams of the pancake mix. Use 2 eggs instead.

When cooking the pancakes, dont fuss too much with the batter. Leave it be. You may have to cook up a test pancake first to make sure your pan is hot enough. Remember you need to keep the air in. Flip as bubbles form on the batter. There shouldnt be any holes in the bottom of the pancake (the side you cooked last).

Use butter for your pancakes. If you plan to use margarine, you shouldnt even be reading this. That means you dont really care if your pancakes are flat, burnt, and hard as metal frisbees. Syrup to your heart's content.

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