Tuesday, March 15, 2005

House hunting

Been looking for a new house these past few months. We had to move back in to the old house for a while despite it being cramped, what with my brother's family there too, plus my huge youngest brother. I won't get into the details about why we had to move back. Too ugly and Im still a bit sore at it, not because of the money I lost, which was a lot, but it involved a betrayal of trust. Take someone in to your own home and.. oh well. C'est la vie.

Anyway, I may have found one not far from where we're staying. Not a big house. Only 2 bedrooms, but it has a big yard. With fruit trees. Mangoes, avocadoes, kamias. Me and trees, we get along. Can't wait to climb those creatures and pick some ripe fruits. Come to think of it, picking a tree's fruit is like plucking a suckling child from its mother's breasts and eating it right before her very eyes. But I digress.

I'll be negotiating with the owner sometime next week, and by the end of the month, Im hoping to have the contract signed. The offer is pretty good. An affordable rental price plus an option to buy the property... as soon as I can come up with the million plus bucks. Nyahahaha!

Im praying this happens. The kids need their own space. Don't know where I'll get the money yet, but Im praying.

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grifter said...

That's why we pray (pray ...)
Oh yeah we pray (pray ...)
We need to pray
Just to make it today