Friday, March 11, 2005

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Francesco Hayez, Meditation on the History of Italy 1850. The young girl apparently has finished reading her book on the history of Italy and is contemplating on what she has read. The dark crucifix in her left hand is held over the book illustrating the prominent role the Church has played in what made Italy. And the exposed breast? Could be a contrast or a temper to the piety of the cross in the painting, illustrating that even though the Holy See is in the Italian peninsula, Italy's history hasnt been all that chaste. OR ... Hayez just likes boobs.


Time Bandit said...

maybe it was a hot summer day when she read the book. she couldn't help but try to feel comfy. what about the crucifix? i think she used it as a bookmark. since she'd finished reading, she didn't have to put it back in between pages.

grifter said...

ah, the days of yore when we werent ashamed of what we are - up to before the serpent tempted Eve. nyhahahahaha!

Jego said...

Yeah... damn serpent is hard to tame. Nyaahahahahaa!!