Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Rewriting/Backing up

Writing is all about rewriting and looking back at what I wrote in my previous blog entries, I can see that almost all of them are in dire need of a rewrite. I never thought for once that I could get it right the first time and knew even then that I have to get to the task of rewriting... eventually.

I also need to back up. The only copies of the stuff in here are in this blog. That is saying a lot about my trust in the longevity of our gracious host, but I know I have to back up... eventually.

It could be fun to have a record of how my mind worked, how it changed over the years, or how it stayed stubbornly the same, when one day, when I have turned into a decrepit old fart, I'd look at the stuff I wrote with my kids and grandkids, and we'd laugh. For that day, I need to rewrite. And I need to back up. And I'll do that, I promise...

... eventually.

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grifter said...

"Backups are for vimps" - Ukrainian proverb