Monday, January 30, 2006

Two shockers

The first of course is the victory by Hamas in the Palestinian elections. In a development that surprised even them, Hamas has won a decisive majority in the Palestinian Parliament, soundly defeating the ruling Fatah party. This of course is heralded as a triumph for democracy in the troubled region, but as can be expected, the self-proclaimed champion of democracy in the Middle East, G.W. Bush, isn't exactly excited to offer Hamas his congratulations. Their victory is probably perplexing Hamas leaders. "Holy Dome of the Rock, Mahmoud; we won! What the heck are we going to do now?" Now that they have to wear suits and attend Parliament, this might force them to take a more moderate stance. This was probably the direction they were looking at when their supporters marched without weapons towards the Parliament building to celebrate, where they were met by fully armed Fatah supporters. Maybe Hamas would tone down their "Death to Israel" act. After all, if they want to qualify for foreign aid, they have to show themselves to be good citizens in the world community. But I'm not betting that they give up their weapons anytime soon.

In another shocker, former NBA rebounding machine and sometime movie actor Dennis Rodman has signed up to play for the Brighton Bears in the British Basketball League. Wha-?? At first I didn't believe it, and had to do a double take. I was indeed shocked. I re-read the article again. And it's true! The British have a basketball league!


grifter said...

Hamas tone it down?? Yeaaaaaahh right. Didntcha see em firing guns in celebration?

Jego said...

Everybody there does that. For everything. "Im so happy." Fire a gun. "Im so depressed." Fire a gun. "I have to poop." Fire a gun.

Lesson to W: Get it thru your head. Democracy doesnt solve everything. Come to think of it, that may be a good lesson for the Pinoys, too. Education first, then democracy. Just like raising kids. Ask Lee Kwan Yew. Marcos was the man with the plan. He just fell in love with power, he lost focus. EDSA gave us 'democracy' but put us back in the Spanish era with the oligarchy ruling everything. Thanks a lot, Cory. And thanks for giving us Kris, too.