Friday, January 27, 2006

Live long and prosper

That Picto-Personality Test thing I blogged about a couple of days ago had this to say about me:

You are romantic, and when you are with your partner you like to woo them with your imagination.

Romantic eh? I hereby submit a snippet of conversation between myself and a female pal. I invite you, dear readers, to guess who is saying what.

Person A: What I'm after is a romantic relationship.
Person B: Hm. I graduated high school a long time ago so I no longer believe in that myth. A relationship should be based on logic and reason.
Person A: But there are issues in a relationship that only the heart can understand.
Person B: Then such issues are irrelevant.


grifter said...

Since you graduated high school way back when MLQ still wasnt a U ...

grifter said...

Should I start calling you "John"? As in John Woo?

Jego said...

Woo tang na...

... loob. Nyaahahahaa!!