Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Pac-Man

Every politician, every actor-politician, every actor, every news reader, every news writer, has been hailing Manny Pacqiao's victory over Erik Morales as a triumph of the Filipino people. Everybody wants to bask in the reflected glow of the Pacman. The president of the republic, in a phone call ringside--Hello, Manny in the exact same tone of voice she used with Hello, Garci--couldn't resist getting her piece of the victory, too. "Alam kong mananalo ka kasi nagdasal ako." Well, thank you, Mrs. President. If it weren't for your prayer, Manny Pacquiao would have lost. We know God listens to you and not to Vicente Fox. A triumph of the Filipino people, eh? I ask you, if Manny lost, would it have been a defeat of the Filipino people? Exactly. The victory was Manny's and Manny's alone. It was his hard work that did it and he owes nothing to the president, to the government, nor to the media hangers-on who're milking this phenomenon for all its worth. He did it on his own, and this is what we should celebrate. Celebrate Manny without getting on his already tired shoulders.


grifter said...

Amen to that. One good thing about it, people from everywhere were inquiring about it - case in point, a Mexican waiter in Houston had no hard feelings telling me about it. He was impressed. In that one moment, it felt great to be Pinoy again.

Jego said...

As we speak, the mayor of Manila is parading the Pacman all over Manila, dragging him into every photo-op with him that he can, gaining whatever political capital he can out of the People's Champion.

ABS-CBN has gained exclusive rights on anything Manny and is reporting every bit of whatever happens to Manny. "Time now for the 9:00 o'clock news update. Manny just had breakfast and is right now sitting down. And, waitaminnit, folks.. Yes, he is... crossing his legs. This crossing of his legs is the crossing of the legs of the Filipino people. Details at 11:00."

grifter said...

Anyone remember Onyok? Hey, Pacman just farted!