Thursday, January 12, 2006

I have an eating disorder

Now that Paula Abdul has admitted her eating disorder after a spate of revelations and interventions for other celebrities for their own eating disorders (Mary Kate Olsen, Lindsey Lohan), I decided to come clean with my own struggle with an eating disorder. And I enjoin others to do so as well. (I’m talking to you, Nicole Ritchie. And you, too, Lara Flynn Boyle.) It’s only after we admit we have a problem that we can begin to solve it.

It has been a long ordeal for me. Not only the eating disorder itself, but the act of hiding it from my friends and loved ones has made it doubly difficult. I can no longer do so. I can not lie to those who love me. And so I have taken this painful step that I hope would lead me to recovery. I’m counting on you, my friends, to help me in this, my most trying time.

I have a rare eating disorder called dyslexovora. I eat dessert first before the main course.

There, I said it. I feel relieved. Like a giant cactus has been pulled from my ass. I hope that I can inspire other celebrities to come forward. Together, we can fight this deadly scourge that’s afflicting both Hollywood and the world of haute couture.


grifter said...

Imagine in a wedding, you and the other guests will get into a fight because you finished up the dessert cart while they ate all the entrees.

kuazee said...

i too have an eating disorder! dyslexic!