Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Washington SyCip Park IR test (continued)

More pictures of the Washington SyCip Park. I must say, the experiment with infrared has yielded satisfactory results. The prototype model of the IR filter can now be safely consigned to the trash bin and manufacturing of a more durable (and sexy) production model can commence.

This one's colored; white balance to tungsten and tweaked.

This one's colored as well, custom white balance, but it turned out like b&w.
Way better than the previous one, though. I'll need to do some more experimenting
so I could get more color in the shots.

This is what the park looks like in my dreams.

Plastic butterflies.

Arboreal bliss

The arch of doom.

One more of the gazebo.
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fionski said...

The pictures look strangely beautiful but not sexy. Unless you think Sadako is sexy.

Jego said...

Sadako wouldnt look out of place in the pictures, that's for sure.

stevie said...

Eerie actually.