Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's time

Photo from the Presidential Close-In Photographer's Office

In smoke, I wrote this comment:
I am still holding out hope that there is still a semblance of a soul within Gloria Arroyo, and that she still believes in a higher power to whom she will one day give account, and so I still have hope that she will do the right thing and resign.
I truly believe that.

It's time, Mrs. Arroyo. You still have this out. Resign.

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fionski said...

Who would you want to replace GMA? Noli de Castro? ERAP?! It seems to me Erap is still hoping to become President once again. Just look at his choice of words.
Would you prefer Erap over GMA?

Jego said...

Hi fionski. It's not a question of who I want. It's who the people voted for to replace Gloria. The law says Noli takes over because the people voted for him.

Erap is dreaming.