Thursday, February 02, 2006

A side order of Hamas

The December 2004 tsunami brought together Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr. Theyre pals now, 2 people on opposite sides of the political fence. The Hamas situation is also bringing together Jimmy Carter and conservative columnist and one-time Republican presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, at least on their positions on Hamas. Both are urging the US not to stop foreign aid to the Palestinians; Carter for bleeding-heart reasons and Buchanan for practical reasons. In the meantime, the Israelis are still nervous. This is one time their nuclear deterrent won't work because the Palestinians are right next door.

Hamas is still classified as a terrorist organization by the US and the EU. But the Israelis weren't so pristine in its early days when they were fighting for a country they can call their own. The Irgun Svai Leumi and the Stern Group, which nurtured the future Israeli leaders, were known terrorist organizations. Irgun, under their leader Menachem Begin, planned bombings of hotels in Jerusalem and other terrorist acts, and with the Stern Group (one time member, Yitshak Shamir) were guilty of the massacre at Deir Yassin where 260 people were killed, including women and children. Later, Menachem Begin became prime minister of Israel and Nobel Peace Prize laureate. I'm not saying that Hamas would choose the path of peace, now that the Palestinians have entrusted them with their government, but it is possible. Not likely, but possible. I mean, who woulda thunk a thug like Begin would win a Nobel Peace Prize?

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