Friday, February 24, 2006

And the hits just keep on coming

Gloria has just declared a state of emergency to protect herself from people who want to take over the reins. Big friggin deal. Can't we just ignore the government? Can't we, for the love of God, just ignore everybody who wants to take over from the government? This government. No, Im no anarchist, although I admit to being a bit of a Christian Libertarian, as in John Lennon's "Everything the government touches turns to shit." If you think about it, the government needs us more than we need it. It's a huge tapeworm in our collective intestines, sucking the nourishment out of our blood. And like a huge tapeworm, it controls us, influencing how we behave and how we eat.

We dont need the government. We dont need to surrender our freedom and dignity to these clowns. The sooner the people realize this, the better. Our utilities are run by private corporations. Social services are more efficiently run by NGOs; the Red Cross and various other agencies are always first to arrive in disaster areas. We look to the police and the military for security, but do really you think they provide this? Do you feel secure with them around? Bottom line is, all we have looking out for us is us. We, the people. We the people working together for common goals and interests.

I dont mean disobeying the law. By all means let's obey the laws: dont steal, dont kill, dont run a red light--the law is what's supposed to rule us. I just want us to ignore the people in government. Shun them. Dont acknowledge their existence. Theyre not more important than you or I. Theyre parasites who dont deserve our attention. Let's secede from them.

Addendum. 27 February 2006. Solita Monsod's Feb 25 column Keeping the flame of Edsa alive.
All I can say, ma'am, is Exactly, exactly. I wasnt interested in joining any of the so-called EDSA celebrations-cum-protest rallies. I wasnt interested in going to Fort Bonifacio yesterday to support the breakaway Marines. (I did intend to go there to take pictures. Great photo-op. But the sight of Imee Marcos holding vigil at the gates, giving interviews, smiling for the cameras, together with other politicos... well... )

People power isnt the rallies, the mass action on the streets. It's time we moved on from that media-friendly display. The vile politicos have already hijacked the streets of EDSA, riding the waves of the people who're still naive enough to believe that mass actions and People Power are synonymous. It's time for People Power to get off the streets and into the communities. Into our homes. Into our hearts and minds.

The government is an obstacle to true service to the people. People Power has to find its way around it, if not ignore it altogether. The less government we have in this country, the better.


grifter said...

You have a slight problem. The people elected this damn government. Whether the majority of those votes were legit or not. Isn't it symbiotic? The masses are clueless sheep being herded by a KSP shepherd.

Jego said...

Not the masses' fault that theyre clueless sheep. Theyve been manipulated and kept stupid by the government and those corporate lackeys, the media. The govt is not looking out for the masses' welfare. Theyre votes; that's all they are to them. So who's left to look out for them?