Monday, June 15, 2009

My baby returns

In 2001 or 2002, or thereabouts, in the forum, a thread on the silly place names acronyms was started -- ITALY, I trust and love you, JAPAN, Just always pray at night etc.. Eventually we ran out of the existing ones and started making acronyms up for place names that didnt have any, and I took on the task of coming up with one for the motherland, and wrote this
PHILIPPINES: Pumping hot, I love it. Please, please, I need erotic stimulation.
as my contribution.  And thus I set this rather silly acronym free in cyberspace for everyone's edification. Imagine my joy when just last night, in a plurk by Marocharim, he posted for all and sundry the same acronym. It has come back to me, it's father, after all these years.

(No I have no documented proof that I am the acronym's dad. I went by the handle OrangeEgg at the time. I tried looking for it in the archives but I dont think they archive posts that old. You have to take it on faith since we're pals and all.)


R.O. said...

aha ikaw pala ang may sala! it's all over the place. i even blogged about that, but your tito manoling deleted the philippines part

Jego said...

I admit it. My fault. I look at it with a mixture of pride and shame. I was new to online fora at the time. The earliest reference to it I could find was in a Pinoy Exchange thread in December 2001, where the source was uncited. Lots of cross posters between PEx and at that time.