Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Real life

I remembered commenting on some blog a couple of months ago that our blogs arent our lives for which I was corrected by the blog's owner; some blogs are indeed a huge part of bloggers' lives. Fortunately (or not), this blog isnt my life. If it were, it would be more boring than it already is. I'd like to post regularly, just for exercise, but that's something for the future. Real life keeps getting in the way.

To be fair to real life, it's not all chasing the next paycheck and getting those bills paid. Sometimes real life is fun. And sometimes, real life is beautiful.


Baldagyi Hatipoglu said...

Real life is better if you have real life. If your real life is just a parallel life, then your blogging life can be more real and more beautiful. Me, I try to strike a balance because I love blogging so much, to the detriment of my real life, which can be one big bore.

Jego said...

Those kids in the picture, that's my real life. If a black hole came and sucked in all blogs in the known universe, it wouldnt bother me one bit. :-)