Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New link

New on the links section on the right is Banzai Cat, winner of the recently concluded Unreality Bites: The Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards 2, Fully Booked's second installment of its bi-annual (?) competition for Filipino authors in speculative fiction. The award was given to him by Neil Gaiman himself who had this to say about his winning entry:
The first place winner is science fiction and fantasy and uniquely Filipino and very, very, very odd in all of the nicest possible ways. And it's a story called "Logovore" about somebody who eats words and their encounters with the people--it's almost indescribable and I've never read anything like it before and was absolutely ready to go on the world stage. I looked at that story and--it could have been fantasy or science fiction and it ought to be picked up by the best of the year anthologies.
It's not everyday we get a rising star in the links section. (And he even offered to send me, a total stranger, a copy of his winning piece. Syempre dyahe naman ako. But it's much appreciated. I promise to get the book.)

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