Monday, July 16, 2007

Good luck, Becks

The only way we can boost Philippine football is if the Americans embrace it, we being little brown brothers and all, and right now there is no bigger name in football--oh alright, soccer--than David Beckham, probably the best set piece man in the world.

I say forget about us being world beaters in basketball. We're training a Philippines basketball team, pouring money into them, for what? A shot, an outside shot, a one-in-a-gazillion shot, of winning one, single, solitary medal in the Asian championships, and a ultra-micro-nano-chance of winning a medal in the Olympics, which is this present Philippine team's dream. No wonder the Philippine Olympic Committee favors the boxers. On a good day, our boxers, most of them from poor families, can come up with up to four or five medals in international tournaments.

Football is different. You can be 5 foot 3 and still be the best in the world. Ask Maradona. We're quick, we're smart, and sipa is the national sport. We're naturals. Our kids only need a place to play. In Thailand, there are sipa courts and football courts everywhere. Even small futsal-sized courts under the freeways.

So good luck, Becks. I hope you can turn the Yanks on to the beautiful game. This way we can put our colonial mentality to good use by picking up the game ourselves after you get the Yanks to go out and start kicking that polka dot ball.

Update: I tried googling for images of David Beckham to use in this post. I would advice against it. But if you want to see why, try it yourself. Enter david beckham on a Google image search.


grifter said...

what, the gayness of it all? you could make fun of more than a couple of images, to be sure.

grifter said...

how about this?

grifter said...

question: do we want to end up like Maradona? or Madonna? i vote neither.

Jego said...

We already have Madonnas. Theyre one of our most lucrative exports. We need more Maradonas.