Friday, May 11, 2007

Political correctness invades American Christianity?

You know the kind Im talking about. The whiny, "Oh Im so offended, Im going to tell my mommy" type of victimhood. Recently, World Net Daily featured a story on one woman's reaction to a message in her Starbucks coffee cup which was part of the Starsbucks's The Way I See It campaign, wherein they feature opinions of their customers printed on a paper cup.

The 'offending' message quoted from a customer in Canada read:
"Why in moments of crisis do we ask God for strength and help? As cognitive beings, why would we ask something that may well be a figment of our imaginations for guidance? Why not search inside ourselves for the power to overcome? After all, we are strong enough to cause most of the catastrophes we need to endure."
"As someone who loves God, I was so offended by that," Michelle Incanno, a married mother of three who is Catholic, told the Dayton Daily News. "I don't think there needs to be religious dialogue on it. I just want coffee."

Oh, boo-hoo, Ms. Incanno. I want coffee, too. And I love God. But for the life of me, I dont see how that statement could be offensive to a theist, especially one who claims to be a Christian. A Christian believes that, like David wrote in Psalm 14, The fool says in his heart, "There is no God." It's a foolish statement. But offensive? Come on! Are you offended when someone proclaims one and one is three? Or that Sanjaya is the greatest singer in the world?

Newsflash: there is no such thing as freedom from being offended. In a free society, you come in contact with all sorts of stupid statements, and sometimes even truly offensive statements, but that is the price you pay for your freedom. Im sure some atheists are offended when theists call them fools and claim victimhood as well. Boohoo, big, bad Christian prayed in front of me and called me a fool. But Im sure some of them just laugh at the poor foolish theists for believing something that they consider imaginary. We all have freedom to choose our own delusions.

Now enough of this whining!

(World Net Daily has a follow-up report here.)

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