Thursday, May 10, 2007

Our rights

I just realized something. Whenever I discuss civil rights with other Filipinos, I almost always point out 'In the Constitution, blah, blah, blah...' as if our civil rights come from the Constitution. They dont. We owe none of our rights to the Constitution. The Constitution merely states the rights that are inherently ours, inalienable human rights that the Creator endowed us with, rights that are ours whether the Constitution says so or not. Although I do appreciate the fact that our Constitution recognizes these rights and agrees with them. And I appreciate the fact that you can print it out, roll it up, then bop someone on the head with it.

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cvj said...

That's why the UK can have a working society even without a written Constitution. This shows that what is more important than any document is the amount of social capital within a given society. Gloria Arroyo's actions have subverted the written Constitution, but much more significantly, diminished our meager social capital, which is why i don't think it's right to just turn a blind eye and 'move-on'.