Monday, February 26, 2007

This one's for Freud

... and Ate Fiona.

In my dream I was standing in front of the mirror preparing to shave. I lathered up, and wet my 14-peso, disposable, twin-blade razor and prepared to scrape the past day's fuzz. I looked in the mirror and damn if that isnt Brad-friggin-Pitt staring back at me. My face looked exactly like Mr. Pitt's. Of course in the dream I wasnt freaked out since in the dream, that was how I really looked like.

The key to this dream's interpretation is what Mr. Pitt symbolizes to me. Let me list down a few items. Mr. Pitt is:

1) A gifted actor whose acting doesnt get respect from his peers because they think he won the genetic lotto and they believe he parlayed that into his stardom. (Personally, I think Mr. Pitt has serious acting chops. See Fight Club.)

2) A man who recklessly tried to take on a force of nature like Angelina Jolie, thinking he can tame her, probably still believing he can tame her, deluding himself that he can tame her, but is instead overwhelmed, his claim to individuality and self buffeted by Ms. Jolie's awesome power, and succumbs and is reduced to, as Michael Douglas once noted, someone who follows Angelina around carrying her babies.

Frankly I dont recognize myself in any of that, but really, the person we least recognize sometimes--indeed oftentimes--is ourself. We have delusions of who we are, an image we created for the benefit of the outside world, and that image sometimes fools even us, such that when confronted by our real self, we say, "Who the frag are you?"

(Ok so I recognize one part of the Pitt dream. The part about the genetic lotto. Nyaahahahahaa!!!)

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grifter said...

good. but i was thinking more along the lines of Tom Cruise and not Pitt. along with the genetic lotto came a little insanity.