Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Sovereign and Mercantile Order of SM

In the comments section of the previous entry wherein I contemplated on a limited suffrage based on intellectual and moral merit, I acknowledged the impracticality (if not the impossibility) of taking back the genie of universal suffrage once it's out of the bottle as it is here in the Philippines. Having tasted the right to help determine the amoral aristocracy who will rule over them by casting a vote, it will be impossible for the people to give the right to vote up to a select few. The sense of power it gives them, the sense of importance the political oligarchy gives to them during the campaign, is seductive. To institute a merit-based suffrage, you need to start your own country.

Which got me to thinking: How do you start your own country? How did the Singaporeans do it? I suppose a defined territory would be the first order of business. You won't need much. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta's territory is limited to a couple of buildings in Rome, yet it has a flag, a constitution, a national anthem, issues its own passports, and has a permanent observer status in the United Nations. SM Mall of Asia has a larger territory than the SMOM. In fact, SM could be its own country.

Let's say for example that Henry Sy decided to declare all SM malls sovereign territory, what else does he need to do? I guess he needs a permanent population. That's easy. He could grant citizenship to all SM board members and regular employees. He would need a government, too. Again no sweat. Every corporate structure has a built-in government. He needs to be able to enter into diplomatic relations with other sovereign states. Being a mega-billion peso business, Im sure Mr. Sy and his lieutenants already do this in a business capacity. That's just one step away from cultural exchange and other diplomatic relations. They already have a flag, a national anthem, and a state motto (We got it all.) I guess theyre on their way to sovereignty if they could get the government of the Philippines to recognize them, and with the government we now have, everything is negotiable.


grifter said...

Esperon would bomb the hell out of Megamall and arrogantly say Henry Sy was was in fact, in a state of denial.

Jego said...

Henry Sy then would have to work for a mutual defense treaty with the Republic of Walmart.