Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Why not the Aussies? Oi!

Appearing in only their second World Cup and the first since 1974, the Socceroos look like theyre doomed in Group F, what with Brazil, Japan, and Croatia in there with them. Like the Yanks, football isnt even on the top of the average Aussie's sports list, trounced by Aussie Rules Football, Rugby, and Cricket. They also call it soccer, 'saw-kah,' like the Yanks, to differentiate it from football, in this case, the Aussie Rules kind. But their amazing 3-1 victory over Japan has forced people to take a second look. A lot of their players have extensive experience in competitive football, having played for top-level clubs in Europe. Their coach is Guus Hiddink, who guided South Korea to the semis in 2004. And they play hard-ass football. In fact, I think these players would feel right at home on a rugby pitch as they would in a soccer field. Their physical, rugged style may be just what's needed to rattle the superstar-laden Brazilian team. (I'm not saying they can beat them. Im saying they can rattle them just enough and earn some goals that would help them make it past the group stages.)

As an Asian, I suppose I should be rooting for an Asian team and it looks like the South Koreans have the best chance, but I dont like the Koreans for dumping all their telenovelas here.

(Both Brazil and Australia wear yellow and green uniforms. How do they decide which team gets to wear the yellow-jersey-green-shorts combo? Coin toss?)


grifter said...

F4!!! Sandara!!!!

Jego said...

F4 is Chinese, joik.

grifter said...

Meteor Garden!!!