Friday, June 23, 2006

Let's make sipa the ball. Now na!

Another blow for Philippine football as the USA crashes out of the World Cup, losing to Ghana 2-1. Ive always maintained that a good showing by the Yanks would make us 'mental colonists' embrace the game, since it'll boost US soccer, what with our let's-make-gaya-the-Yanks mentality. But, alas, a sucky performance by the Yanks means we'll have to wait til 2010 to finally shake off basketball and embrace football (and sepak takraw) like we're supposed to. (Try watching a Pinoy basketball game on TV right after watching an NBA game and youll pretty much react the same way I do--"Who are these slow-moving dwarves? Do they have lead weights in their shorts? Are they ill?--til you realize theyre making millions of pesos a year playing that way and youll know deep in your heart something is wrong with the world; that we're caught in a colonial time-warp, hanging on to the glory days when centers were 6-feet tall.)

It was important for the Americans to score first, and score early to demoralize the Ghanans. That didnt happen. Claudio Reyna hung on to the ball too long near their own goal and it was swiftly snatched away from him by 20-yr old Haminu Dramani who only had Kasey Keller to beat. 1-0 Ghana. Clint Dempsey equalized a few minutes later from a superb pass from DaMarcus Beasley, but in stoppage time, the German referee made a stupid call, awarding a penalty to Ghana for... an Oscar winning flop.

In the second half, the Yanks squandered numerous chances, and Landon Donovan was all but non-existent. What the hell was he doing there? Brian McBride was working his ass off up front, but Donovan for the most part just looked overwhelmed. He had a chance to redeem himself late in the second half when he took a free kick in a dangerous position, just outside the penalty area, which he promtly sent sailing away beyond the reach of even King Kong had he been playing. In 2002, top European clubs were interested in him. Now, he'll be lucky to book a place in the women's league.

2-1 Ghana, USA crashes out, and my hopes for a boost for Philippine football along with them. We'll have four more years of those slow-moving dwarves getting TV coverage, and four more years of being thrashed in football by teams like Cambodia and Myanmar.


grifter said...

Kuya, kuya, magPlaystation na lang tayo ... lumabas na ang FIFA 2006.

Jego said...

FIFA? Anong FIFA? Etong laruin natin. NBA 2006. Andito si Wade.

grifter said...

Luma na yan, tapos na ang NBA season.

fionski said...

Jigo!!! I didn't know you linked me. You ha! Hehehe.

Jego said...

Nagpaalam ako sa YM. Naka! Not paying attention.