Monday, May 09, 2005

She's got it. Yeah baby she's got it.

I saw a friend of mine at the mall yesterday. I wasnt near enough to say hello and besides, she was on a date with some foreign guy. She used to be president of an international organization, so she has lots of foreign friends. We worked together on a project over a year ago, travelling to places, interviewing people--heads of corporations mostly--and we had a blast.

She has a pleasant, gamine face, but she was on the chubby si-... she was fat. But she had such charm, such an open personality, such a ready intelligence, that I found her attractive. Sexy, even. She had no airs, no arte at all, and I found that so refreshing, having gotten used to maarte women--the city's full of them. Ive known beautiful women who feel theyre entitled to anything and everything just because theyre beautiful. And sometimes, you turn a blind eye to the arrogance and shallowness because you wanted to get in their pants. But sooner or later, you treat them like adults, treat them like normal people, and theyd hate that, and theyd hate you. And you say 'screw this, Im done,' dust off your palms, walk out, and swear never to come back. Which isnt easy--not for me--especially if youve fallen in love with the chick, in which case you try to make it work, try to change things, then pray for some miracle to help you walk out and swear never to come back. Dont ask. Happened to me more times than I'd care to count.

Anyway, my finding her sexy was quite a pleasant surprise for me. It means I dont consider looks as a primary criteria. I usually didnt find fat people sexy. (Im sorry. Im being honest, if not politically correct.) But I mean I wouldve boinked her if I were allowed--she was that hot. That either means my tastes have changed, with the intellect and personality overtaking looks as a measure of boinkability, or Im getting old. As you mature, looks count for less and less since it's clearer to you that looks dont last.

I sometimes think how tragic it is for some people whose sole right-to-exist is their outer beauty. They can get what they want and people will forgive them for anything just because theyre beautiful on the outside. It's a powerful force. But what happens later? What happens when their skin dries up, when their faces get wrinkly, when their boobs shrivel and sag, when their asses droop? What then? Outer beauty is a great gift. It is a gift because it isnt earned. But at the same time, it's a great responsibilty, a terrible burden, if its owner puts a high premium on it. But it's not all their fault that they put such a high premium on it. We reinforce it. We let them get away with things that we normally won't let other people with less pulchritude get away with. Most of it's our fault.

I dont know why God made some people more beautiful than others. It wouldve been easier if he made us all look the same. No freebies. One has to earn his own way based on merit and not based on looks. Unpleasant personalities would then have been eliminated from the gene pool long ago since we wouldnt have outer beauty to cloud our judgement on who we want to boink. Ask yourself: If people all looked alike, and they based their attraction on personality, would someone want to boink me? If the answer is no, you have a lot of work to do.


grifter said...

I don't wanna boink you. Plain and simple. And ix-nay on "the work to do." Nu-uh. Thanks but no thanks. Nyahahahahaha!

Time Bandit said...

some chubby girls r cute. sige na, boink muna siya.