Saturday, May 14, 2005

Great moments in fatherhood

"Tatay, buy me a bike. I know how to ride a bike already."

OK, but not now. We still have to pay for your school and books and stuff. And we still have to have the house painted. And there are lots of stuff to fix before we move in.

"But you said..."

I know but we can't right now.

"Vacation's almost over and we won't have a chance to go biking once school starts. [Blank] and [blank] have bikes."

What do I always tell you? It doesnt matter what your playmates have, they won't be as pretty and as smart as you. And no matter what they have, you'll always have a better looking dad.


Cael: It's going to rain. Nanay, can me and Isabel go out and play in the rain?

Nanay: No. You might catch a cold. And youll make the living room all wet. Im tired of cleaning up after you.

[It starts to rain really hard.]

Cael: Nanay, it's raining. Can we go out and play in the rain?

Nanay: I said no. Stay inside.

Me (bursting out of the bedroom, twirling my shirt around my head.): Wooohooo! It's raining! Let's go, kids! Let's go play outside!


grifter said...

"But tatay, [blank]'s and [blank]'s dads are both movie actors and matinee idols during their time. You havent been on the cover of a magazine yet."

Jego said...

"Has media corrupted you, too, little one? What have we learned from the folly of believing your own press releases and the celebrity-induced sense of self-importance from watching Team America: World Police, eh?"


pangga said...

be careful, daddy was like that. homer to my mom'm marge.
cael might turn out like me. iskeri!
*knock on wood*

Jego said...


grifter said...

Team America: World Police is the best movie of all time!!!! nyhahahahahaha! 2 days before I get the DVD!