Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Bloggers vs. Traditional Journalists

My take: Whodahell cares?

1) Traditional journalists see bloggers (Im not including those who are just publishing an online diary here, although technically they have a blog and are therefore bloggers) as an unruly bunch of barbarians running roughshod on journalistic standards and what-not. Yes, they are that.

2) Bloggers see traditional journalists as insecure little cry-babies who feel threatened that their monopoly in shaping public opinion, whether in politics, fashion, or what TV station is better, is at an end. Yes, they are that.

Get over it. Let's move on.

If you want a more serious discussion on the so-called debate (blek), check out Manuel L. Quezon III here and here, and the links therein, and Philippine Commentary's smackdown here.

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Rightist and Superficial said...

I like to keep it simple-bloggers write on the internet, traditional media get published on something tangible. Both can be stupid most times. End of discussion.