Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Speak the truth

As the only vertically-challenged member of my family, I resent this statement

After the February 29 rally, at the corner of Paseo de Roxas and De La Rosa streets there sat on the curb a group of young men sporting red luminous horns. A friend of mine greeted them with a traditional greeting, "Rakenroll!!" They acknowledged him by yelling out a more contemporary greeting, "Speak the truth!"

The truth, that's what everybody claims to want.

More impressions: Erap came on the stage for less than a minute and there was a cheer from the crowd. Leah Navarro of Black & White said that they booed him from the side of the stage. If they did, I didnt hear it. The group of people I was with were thrilled at seeing him. And I think booing is rude, man. Especially since this rally was supposed to show our unity. Let's take care of Erap later. Staying away from the streets just because Erap is there means youre giving the streets to Erap. The best way to dilute his influence is to show up.

The crowd was at its peak during the interfaith part of the rally which ended before 6 pm. After the communal prayer, the emcee turned over the stage to the next emcees. According to my officemates, they started to leave at this point. Most of the crowd who stayed for the prayers decided to stick around for Jun Lozada, who was supposed to speak at 6:00, but the organizers decided to have him speak at 6:30 to coincide with the live newscast of the major networks. He was welcomed like a rock star, and I hope his message hit home. He cautioned against doing this out of anger and emotion. "Kasi," he said, "kung mapaalis nyo na yung kinagagalitan n'yo, titigil na naman kayo." He called for a principles-based mass action. Whatever happened to him during his time at La Salle Greenhills seems profound indeed. It's nothing short of a spiritual awakening, which is probably why he's so convincing. A lot of the crowd left after Jun spoke. Most of those who remained were the 'Bayan-Gabriella' crowd.

If Jun Lozada was greeted like a rock star, Joey De Venecia looked like one. I overheard a girl who was part of the ABC 5 crew say that he looked like Elvis. And he did. Put your collar up, Joey. Rakenroll!

I wonder why the Wuds and the Jerks arent making videos. Their songs rock and they could show the younger bands a thing or two. Even their old songs still sound fresh today. Making videos would make them more accessible to the MTV crowd. Speaking of old songs, when Noel Cabangon sang 'Tatsulok', a teenaged kid near me was thrilled that Cabangon decided to cover a hit by Bamboo. I chuckled but I held myself from correcting him. He'll find out soon enough.

I was tempted to take a picture of Cheri Mercado's toes.

Rakenroll. And speak the truth.

No, Ate Koring wasnt marching with them. She was covering the event.
Also in the pic is one-time neighbor Enteng Romano (I sold him beef once)
and Butch Abad.

Boy, mga sulyap mo'y malambing,
Little boy, ngiti mo'y type ko rin
Datapawa't walang mangyayari sa ligaw-tingin
(That was one of Leah Navarro's hits.)

A friend and I had a huge crush on Risa Hontiveros (now Baraquel)
once upon a time.
With Randy David.

Manolo Quezon is the white of the Black & White group

Nun power

Youth power

Lawyer power

Ummm.. bohemian punk power?

The nation's prayers borne by 99 luftballons

Pray not that God is on our side, but that we're on his

Hands to heaven

Cheri Mercado covers for ABC 5



Taroogs said...

Haha! Joey does look like Elvis, ano? Nice photos po. And I love the "pag-amin" on once having a crush on Risa :-)

HeartBreaker said...

damn...hate being preggy if there's an event like this.

and damn (again)...next time tag me along with you so i can get a good spot.

(i just recalled singing leah navarro's song that friday for our videoke night....nyahahahahha)

Preston D. said...

funny pics! amazing how you're able to weasel your way to the right vantage points!

Jego said...

I shouldve made a career as a paparazzo, preston.

Preston D. said...

yup. earn millions for stolen bedroom pics of celebs hallucinating they're porn stars in private life :p