Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Im gon' deck the halls with your &^%$#! ass!!

(Rant warning.)

Update 10 December. The Pope says the same thing. High five, Benny!

Christmas is starting to piss me off. Enough of the countdowns already. TV and radio are trying to beat out some enthusiasm for the holidays, but it's just not working. People only get even more depressed and stressed. And those tacky Christmas songs? For the love of... I even heard some local artist singing carols bossa-nova style. The last straw was when I heard that stupid Papaya song interspersed with Christmas greetings. It's enough to make me want to shoot someone.

If there would be a referendum on whether we should abolish the Christmas holidays, I would vote Yes. Twice. Maybe not the holiday part, but the Christmas part. Call it an end-of-year treat for workers or some other. Secularize it. That's what the constitution mandates anyway; separation of Church and State. I feel the hoopla is just insulting to Christians who believe theyre celebrating their Lord's birthday that it's turned into one big marketing event. Companies are even mandated by law to equip their workers with enough cash to consume various frivolous items via the bonus and thirteenth-month pay. Other national holidays of a religious nature such as Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Eid al-Fitr, and All Saints' Day arent abused like this and are treated with the proper reverence. (Although the Holy Week holidays are starting to lose their meaning, too, becoming just opportunities to go partying at the beach or facsimiles of the beach in some tacky establishment that serves alcohol. We could secularize it too. Call it Worker's Summer Week Off.)

And what could be tackier than plastic Christmas trees in this tropical country? I even saw one that spews polystyrene snow! It didnt even have a warning label for households with children. What does that have to do with Jesus' birthday? I could let the fact that he probably wasnt even born in December slide but Christmas trees? It's a druidic symbol for crying out loud. Deck the Halls is a druidic song about the Saturnalia where they burn a log to help the Sun god along as its days wane. And besides, 'Don we now our gay apparel' has a totally different meaning now in the 21st century. And that Carol of the Bells song reminds me so much of the theme music from The Exorcist. I bet that's not a coincidence.

I say Enough!


fionski said...

Why are you so affected negatively by the Christmas spirit? Is it because Christmas is really for children only? Is if because Christmas has become super commercialized? Or maybe you just equate Christmas with gastos? Hehehe! I sympathize with you. I am starting to hate Christmas too but I don't want to be kj.

Jego said...

That's just the point, fions. There is NO Christmas spirit.

grifter said...

hey hey hey, its the first time in 6 years that i decorated my tiny apartment - a small nativity scene, a small (lead-lined) tree with fiber optic lights, and a wreath outside the door. i think we conjure enough Christmas spirit now, unlike in the past when it was just me and a couple of beers and the remote control. nyhahahahahaha!

(hey, look, its snowing outside)

Jego said...

I hope it isnt polystyrene snow.

amateur misanthrope said...

I so share your sentiments. One year I'm going to treat myself and hie off to a non-Christian country come Christmastime. Sometimes it's just too much.

Jego said...

Anywhere but here, AM. Ive been to other countries at Christmastime and by far we're the most gung-ho about "Christmas".

banzai cat said...

Bwahahaha! Now I know why the Bells song always rung an unfamiliar feeling in me. Bloody feck, the Exorcist theme music indeed! ;-)