Monday, July 10, 2006

Why did they do it? Because they can.

So there I was in my bed, watching the Wimbledon finals between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, a rivalry that has the makings of an epic, a la Connors-Borg, or Borg-McEnroe. But the World Cup finals will be shown early the next day, and if I stay with the Wimbledon finals to its conclusion, and wake up early the next day for France-Italy, I'd be too sleepy for work. So, not wanting to short-change the company I work for, I decided to skip Wimbledon after the second set, go to sleep, and wake up bright and early the next day to catch the 5:00 am delayed telecast of the Blue finals via RPN-9.

Alarm clock rings at 5, I wake up the kids to get them ready for school, and turned on the TV. Anticipation turned to exasperation when all I got was a black screen. Dont panic, I thought, it's probably just a glitch. I turn to Sky Cable's pay-per-view station to check if theyre having a glitch, too, but no, theyre fine. I quickly turn back to RPN-9. I didnt want to know what happened. Sure the PPV's signal's scrambled but the audio's loud and clear. I waited. And waited. Black screen. Until it dawned on me. Sky Cable blocked the delayed telecast. The delayed telecast. For no reason at all. No wait. They did have a reason. They wanted to rub it in the faces of their subscribers that they can piss them off and they couldnt do anything about it. Just corporate arrogance: Take that, cheapskates! You want to watch the finals for free, eh? No can do. If you wanted it that bad, you shouldve paid us extra. I dare you to do anything about it.

I will, damn you. Paranaque Cable, here we come.

Anyway, my buddy grifter has a capsule summary in his blog here. I have my own summary of the game that I can reduce to one sentence: What the hell were you thinking, Zinedine Zidane?


grifter said...

this is what sparks revolutions. down with monopolies!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeg, I traced your hmoepage from your comments at dean;s blog, I hope you may allow.

"Hi BanzaiCat, It seems that dean has banned my comments there on his blog and I would like to answer your comments there, here. if you may allow.

Dean Alfar seems to have an attitude problem i see. But I'm sure he'll read this comment as you said, he's a friend.

"(The kicker was the comparison to the beauty contests. WHAAT?!? Ever hear beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Granted arts need a subjective eye but standards are still needed. Eurgh.)"

If a patient was misdiagnosed by Dr. Cruz, I cannot tell the patient that Dr. Cruz is a lousy docotr. BUT I can tell my friends and colleagues. Again I CANNOT announce this to the press, an audience, blog that Dr. Cruz is a lousy doctor who can't even write a good prescription.
Don't you even want to hear what we readers would like to read about? I don't know why a supposedly "master" like dean will ban me in his comments page. Btw, there's a new Pinoy Sci-Fi stories "titled "Pinoy Amazing Stories", mostly made by U.P. students.

Thanks Jed, finally someone who took my points about specfic judging. Cheers! nice dog btw.

Jego said...

De nada. A bit of advice: You couldve made the same point in Dean's blog if only you werent so abrasive. Dean is a fair, decent man as far as I know. As you saw, abrasive behavior attracted more of the same from other anonymous posters. Next time think of a blog as someone's house. There's an open invitation, but you have to be on your best behavior, or else the owner of a house has a right to kick you out. Your subsequent posts in Dean's whatchamacallit, that thingie on the side of his blog, were also uncalled for.

There's room for civilized discussion in the blog community. I hope you keep trying to develop the knack for it.

You dont need to reply to this as your comment here is properly addressed to Dean or Banzai Cat.