Friday, May 19, 2006

Another football blog entry

The scuttlebutt around Highbury before the UEFA Champions League final between Arsenal and Barcelona last Thursday morning (Manila time) was that Arsenal and France main man Thierry Henry was offered a slot by, and was considering a move to, Barcelona. But after their 2-1 defeat in the finals, I knew--knew!--Henry would like to get back at Barcelona for that defeat and would decide to stay with Arsenal. And he did, to Arsene Wenger's relief. Arsenal wouldnt be where it is now without him. He's worked so hard for his team to reach the UEFA Champions League finals and he wouldnt want to leave all that with a loss. This guy's a winner. Break both his legs and he'll still try to score goals for his team.


grifter said...

yeah, he'd be forcing the other team to roll over and die by bribing them from his hospital bed.

Anonymous said...

grifter is being a thorough loser!