Wednesday, April 19, 2006

More clicks

More fun with the new, old XA2. I bought a cheap roll of ASA 200 film with the never-before-heard brand name of Solid Gold. It costs about half of what a similar film from Kodak would cost. And as expected, the film was crap. Visible graininess. Too much for an ASA 200 film. I had to tweak the pictures below a bit because of this.

Isabel drawing Posted by Picasa

Isabel's umbrella Posted by Picasa

Let's play squeeze the baby Posted by Picasa

Are you following me? Posted by Picasa

Fire hazard. Make every week Fire Prevention Week Posted by Picasa

I dont think Ive had a plant give me the finger before. Posted by Picasa

I light my torch and wave it for the full moon on Friday. Posted by Picasa

3 comments: said...

jego, paanong nangyari na colored yung umbrella tapos parang black and white yung gilid/background? =)

Jego said...

I used one of the thingies in Picasa called Focal B&W. said...

cool software! i'll probably download it when we've got our new computer. right now, the old clunker we're using is just so slow already.

check this out jego:

or try googling "Global Dimming"
we just watched the pbs episode on it. yikes.