Monday, March 13, 2006

It's all harmless fun til a government gets toppled

Here's the reason I havent been blogging much lately: the Pinoy blogosphere has been a-buzz with the recent shenanigans from Ate Glue and those opposed to her and Im just blog-hopping. Everyone of course has an opinion on the legitimacy of the little one's continued stay in the Palace by the Pasig, and the discussions have been interesting, to say the least, with plenty of self-righteousness and sanctimoniousness to go around, especially from the anti-Gloria groups who are advocating her immediate removal. It makes for very entertaining reading. So without further ado, here are the links to the blogs Ive been following:

Columnist Manuel L. Quezon III's blog. Lively discussions in every MLQ3 entry, some take some straining to comprehend but on the whole, lively, entertaining, and informative. The blog has links to other opinion-makers as well. (Side-note: my great-grandfather's brother, Venancio, was appointed by then President MLQ, his Philippine Revolution buddy, as president of the Philippine National Bank when the Philippines was a commonwealth. If I read my history correctly, his tenure in the PNB was, shall we say, less than spectacular.)

Self-professed ordinary Joe Schmoe S.C. Austero's Out of My Mind. Mr. Austero is the author of the now-infamous Open Letter to our Leaders (it's in his blog) circulating via email and has attracted the ire of the rallyistas against Ate Glue. I suspect that the reason it has caught their ire is because Mr. Austero seems to have articulated a sentiment shared by a large number of people, (myself included, to a certain extent.).

Other blogs of note are:

Stepping on Poop. The blogger here shares the same view that I have regarding the problem of Gloria: use legal and constitutional means. Mr. Austero advocates this as well. I happen to think that that's the only way we can mature as a democracy. Imagine if the coup-plotters succeed in toppling another president? We'll just confirm to the world what theyve long suspected: We're a Banana Republic.

The Black and White Movement's blog tries flash mobs to try to oust Gloria. They were the instigators of the Starbucks Protest and their t-shirts read: "Patalsikin Na. Now Na." which leaves no doubt as to what strata of society theyre targeting. There hardly is any discussion in the site, but I just thought I'd note it here because they have some pretty novel ideas about staging protests rallies.

Read, participate, make your keystrokes heard.

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