Thursday, February 24, 2005

It's in the cards

Somebody please take away this damn Solitaire.exe away from me! Im addicted!

I tried deleting it... TWICE... Saw the damn exe file in the Recycle bin with my own two eyes, hit Delete, clicked Yes to the confirmation message, and saw it flushed down the cybertoilet...but it's still here!

It's mindless. A complete waste of time. It asks for no commitment in time and energy from me for I can take it or leave it. Click, click, click. Im not even trying to win. Hit Deal and let the cards fall where they may. Click-flip, click-flip, click-flip. I come to a dead end, fine. I win, fine. Makes no diference. Click-flip, click-flip. My mind shuts down. Im somewhere else. Click-flip.

I like it. Take it away from me.

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